Though this speaker is called Micro Evolution, it is considerably larger and heavier than some of the bookshelf speakers I have reviewed. For example, the Dali Menuet SE is slightly bigger than a shoebox and weighs a fifth of the ME1. To achieve the design goal of a compact speaker that delivers close to full-range audio, TAD has employed a 16cm woofer with a 9cm Coherent Source Transducer (CTS) Driver to provide razor-sharp imaging. To get deeper bass from a smaller cabinet enclosure, The TAD ME1 also has a Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot (ADS) port on each side of the speaker enclosure. Instead of a front or rear-firing bass port. The slot allows for the speaker to be placed closer to the front wall and virtually eliminates port chuffing when played at higher volumes. The speaker stands are incorporated into the speakers and provide optimal listening height and a solid stable platform. The ME1 comes in a piano black or silver titanium finish.

TAD ME1 Stand-Mount Speaker Rack


Technical Audio Devices (TAD) Laboratories is the only high-end Japanese audio manufacturer that specializes in audio components and speaker systems. Also in their product lineup are pre-amplifiers, SACD/CD players, power amplifiers, and a DAC. They have over 40 years of experience in design and innovation. The ME1s share design DNA with the first set of speakers I reviewed for SECRETS back in 2010, Pioneer’s S-2EX monitors. They were partially developed by the legendary designer Andrew Jones. Pioneer has been in the speaker business for over 75 years.

TAD ME1 Stand-Mount Speaker CTS Driver

The TAD ME1s are a three-way bass reflex speaker that have a similar driver complement, but the cabinet is not tapered like the S-2EX. The use of beryllium, which is one of the most rigid and lightest metals, gives the coherent source drivers tweeter the ability to reproduce a very high-frequency response up to 100kHz, while the shallow, yet large-diameter midrange can go down as low as 250Hz. The Evolution series consists of the floor standers Evolution One and Two as well as the Micro and Compact Evolution Ones.

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