Made in Japan: TAD Labs partners Tendo Mokko for $89,000 artisan audio loudspeaker


The latest audiophile loudspeaker from high-end Japanese Hi-Fi manufacturer Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, looks every bit as good as it sounds.

The model, TAD-CR1TX, sells for a reassuringly pricey $89,000 and is the stand-mounting sibling of the even more expensive TAD-R1TX floorstander.

Part of TAD Labs Reference Series, it features high-end audio technology trickled down from its stablemate, including a coaxial Coherent Source Transducer (CST) driver and beryllium-doped cones.

However, it’s the hand-crafted enclosure, produced in collaboration with Tendo Mokko, a luxury furniture maker based in Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture, which has captured our attention. 

Established in 1940, Tendo Mokko is renowned for its designer plywood furniture, beloved by collectors worldwide.  

It operates showrooms in Yamagata, Tokyo and Osaka – and this artisan establishment has now poured its wealth of experience and woodworking skill into TAD Labs cabinetry.  

The CR1TX’s vibration-damping enclosure comes in two colours, Emerald Black and Beryl Red, both of which derive from beryl, a rare mineral that can be processed into beryllium. 

Established in 1940, Tendo Mokko is renowned for its designer plywood furniture, beloved by collectors worldwide…

The TAD Labs CR1TX have a deep gloss finish courtesy of Tendo Mokko

Both finishes exhibit a texture unique to natural wood, with deep gloss and lush colour tones. Emerald Black is associated with the dark green gemstone, while Beryl Red reflects the red gemstone of beryl. 

The SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) enclosure weighs 46kg and comprises a rigid internal frame made of 21mm birch plywood, wrapped with 30mm vacuum-pressed veneer side panels glued to laminated MDF panels, bent into a distinctive teardrop shape using a high-frequency hot pressing technique.  

This is audiophile Hi-Fi dressed as high-end furniture, and we love it.  For more, visit TAD Labs here.


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