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Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TAD) is a high-end Japanese audio manufacturer, specializing in both audio components and speaker systems. Born out of the Pioneer Corporation in 2007, TAD produces some of the world’s finest audio equipment available today and is held in high esteem by audiophiles around the world. PADHiFi is the exclusive distribution partner for TAD Laboratories Inc in North America and Canada.

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JOCAVI™ is a leading manufacturer of high-end acoustic treatments. JOCAVI’s acoustic panels, which are renowned for their high performance and unique aesthetic, are easily mounted on ceilings or walls and designed to fit seamlessly into a wide range of environments. PADHiFi is proud JOCAVI’s official U.S. partner.

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PAD HiFi brings decades of audio expertise to the realm of high fidelity audio, featuring the artistry of TAD Laboratories and the acoustic impressiveness of JOCAVITM products. Being a partner of JOCAVITM in the U.S. and a certified distributor of TAD Labs products in North America and Canada, PADHiFi’s ultimate goal is to help consumers get to know and eventually enjoy these two incredible line of products in its territory by facilitating dealership and educating users.


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