Dave Malekpour takes TAD to North America


Pro Audio Design (PAD) is a Boston-based group of audio distribution companies which has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Japanese loudspeaker brand TAD Laboratories for the US and Canada. Company president Dave Malekpour has been working with TAD for almost 30 years and while his roots lie in pro audio and studio specification, this partnership sees him bringing this experience into the hi-fi market. 

The PAD group of companies also encompasses Jocavi Acoustic Treatments and Studio Float Sound Isolation systems, which Malekpour also plans to bring to the hi-fi market, using his knowledge of listening environment design, room acoustics and speaker tuning. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions about where he comes from and what had prompted this move into the world of domestic audio

Can you tell me something about your background and what you do at Pro Audio Design?

I have been designing recording studios since late ‘80s from equipment and installation to acoustics with a focus on the top end of the market. My background is as a musician, audio engineer and music lover since I was a child. My goal has always been to improve music and the listening experience both at the production level and for the listeners.

My role as President and CEO is primarily based around creating our vision and direction as well as relationship development at all levels. We are involved with design projects which I lead from creative end as well as overseeing our sales and marketing teams. I also work with clients, vendor partners and our team to bring about the vision of high quality sound and care to match.

I see that you have companies that specialise in studio construction and treatment, how has this market survived the home studio boom and the ease with which music can be produced with Pro Tools and a midi interface? 

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